What it’s like to fly in 2022

Tony Forcucci
3 min readApr 15, 2022
The most useless stickers ever (photo by the author April 2022)

Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen, and people who don’t know which they are, this is your Captain speaking.

While onboard the aircraft today please wear a mask over your nose and mouth, even if you haven’t been doing so all day in your interactions with humanity up through the moment you walked through the front door of the airport.

Wearing your face mask is critical, even though half the airport employees, TSA staff, airport restaurant workers, customs officials, and passengers you interacted with today in the airport today prior to your flight wore them mostly on their chins — and while everyone was totally ignoring those stickers on the airport floor telling everyone to stay 6 feet apart while waiting to get through the security check line.

Just keeping his neck warm (photo by the author April 2022)

We also kindly ask you to wear your face covering on today’s flight even if it’s made of underwear material, crocheted, bedazzled, has your favorite football team’s logo sublimated on it, or any other super loose fitting, non-N95 mask that allows microscopic virus particles to pass through the fabric.

We also ask you to keep that mask on even though you have tested negative for Covid-19, and even if you have…



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