Today’s popular music is just awful.

Tony Forcucci
5 min readSep 1, 2020

What in the world happened to music?

Photo of Earth Wind & Fire by Craig O’Neal

In the 1980’s you could turn on the radio station and out would come music that was thoughtful, and amazing in some cases.

On the radio!

It was a generation of young musicians with new technology and a never ending flow of ideas.

Each artist or band had their sound, their mood, and their creativity.

Today, hardly at all— maybe actually even close to zero. It’s not a drought though, it’s deliberate. Creative people are out there, they’re just not part of the business of music anymore.

I have two sons (13 and 16) so I am exposed to the music of high school today.

Holy shit! It S-U-C-K-S.

For all of my kids’ life they generally have been exposed to the music I listen to. But now they are starting to come into their own and catch the music of the day with their friends.

This is totally normal, I get it. But what a difference in music, ideas in the music, musical skills, and lack of power in pop music today.

I’ve generally held this thought now for years. Music has moved from individual creativity behind each musician/band to an algorithm applied to all of them to extract more or less the same thing from all of them.

And this is why popular music today is so boring and utterly lacking in raw emotion or power.

Think about this for a moment. In the 1970’s we had bands like Steely Dan, Genesis, Yes, Queen, Kiss, and Earth Wind, and Fire. The level of musicianship and/or creatvity in these bands is incredible.

Then in the 1980’s bands like Rush, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, The Police, Van Halen, INXS, Swing Out Sister, and all the great metal bands bright the goods to the masses.

In fact this song by Tears for Fears was on one of the biggest pop albums of the 80’s. Can you imagine anything like this showing up on a pop album today?



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