The United States has lot the plot

Tony Forcucci
7 min readJun 8, 2024
Homeless in San Francisco, a city that has fallen apart. Photo by Tony Forcucci

The United States has totally lost the plot to the movie.

I’m a fan of America and want to see our country be great, do great things, and succeed. But we as a nation at this point must be the most foolish country on the planet and it has to be said.

We have got so much wrong it seems — taxes, food, culture, run down cities, inept leadership, and insanely corrupt politics. Everything seems to be broken in a country where almost none of these things should be broken.

Let’s take three of those examples for a moment — taxes, infrastructure, and politics.

Taxes and Infrastructure

We have more tax base, money, economy, and resources than any country on Earth, yet we are falling behind in nearly every aspect of life — and there is no need for it.

  • We charge our own citizens an absolute fortune in taxes, and then spend it all over the world on totally useless things as it relates to what actual US citizens need. It’s especially insulting to the US taxpayers that are paying the bill.
  • We send billions of dollars to the Ukraine to protect their border while leaving ours open.



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