The 3 huge Covid lies we were told.

Tony Forcucci
8 min readMar 8, 2023
A Dall-E generated Spike protein in the style of Chinese impressionist

Looking back across 2020 to 2023… and knowing what we know now, consider the following:

Lie #1:

We were told that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines would prevent the spread of Covid-19 and also that the vaccinated couldn’t catch it.

Lie #2:

We were told masks would help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Lie #3:

We were told Covid-19 originated in a Chinese wet market.

Why were we told these things?

a.) The government, media, and big tech people peddling these lies genuinely thought it was true and didn’t know they were lying.

b.) The government, media and big tech people peddling these lies knew they were lying but lied anyway.

Let’s go lie by lie, and with the benefit of time let’s look back and see if you now might see it differently than how you may have seen it at the time.

Claim One: The Covid-19 Vaccines just work.

Start here (this aired March 20, 2021). It’s about a minute.

I love these people… Look how absolutely confident and sure Rachel Maddow was in that above video.

She spoke to America (the people that watch MSNBC at least) as if it was 100% guaranteed — you just go get the mRNA vaccine and forget the rest, you’re protected. You get the vaccine and the virus stops right there with that person.

If you personally doubted this in March or April of 2021 you were chastised, mocked, and maybe even fired in some cases for having your own independent thought on it and not getting in line with the “approved opinion”

Then a few months later in a town hall meeting on July 21, 2021 the President of the USA flat out stated to the nation that

“you’re not going to get Covid if you get vaccinated”.



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