Nobody that didn’t take the Covid-19 vaccine regrets not taking it

Tony Forcucci
3 min readJan 5

For two years people have been saying (warning) that the Covid-19 Vaccines are bad news.

Millions of people took these vaccines thinking they were “doing the right thing”. They were told it was the “responsibile thing to do”.

People like to be responsible.

But then it got out of hand at a societal level. It went from “protect yourself with this vaccine” to basically “take this vaccine or else we’ll ruin your life”.

So call it over-obedience, obliviousness, or just plain naïveté, millions took these shots almost without giving a second thought to the the motives of those pushing the Covid-19 vaccines.

Let me ask you a personal question.

In your entire lifetime, have you ever seen a two year period in where so many people have somehow just died all of a sudden for no good reason? While young? While in their prime? While in general good health?

Have you ever seen a time in your life where the media pushes the concept of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”? And “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”?

I personally know of about 10 people that got the Covid-19 vaccine and then died within a month or two from one of two things — heart failure or stroke.

While this has mostly been pushed to the sides by the media and big tech, the collapse of the Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin on Monday Night Football put the visual front and center.

Yet not a single person in media dares mention the Covid-19 vaccine.

The narrative is it’s “Commotio Cordis” — that super rare failure of the heart when you take a hit to the chest at exactly the right millisecond of a moment when the heart is gearing up to take a new beat.

Ignore the fact that he got a booster shot on December 26th.

Let’s apply Occam’s razor — Is it more likely that the hit at the exact, precise, millisecond of a moment stopped his heart – or his Covid-19 and boosters are the root cause?

Tony Forcucci

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