How to sell your best photos passively online all over the world in 2 simple steps

Tony Forcucci
6 min readSep 25, 2022
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

There was a time not too long ago when only professional photographers could sell their photos. This was the time of film development and F-Stops without the ability to do much, or any post production if say you under or over exposed a shot.

Today that’s just not the case.

For the most common uses of photography even an iPhone today will take sufficiently great, if not amazing pictures than some of the best cameras in the world for basic uses when it comes to digital sales and small scale print sales.

I use a combination of high resolution photos from a Canon camera as well as my iPhone when I’m on the fly traveling and just want a quick capture of something I see and like.

So if you’re an individual with an interest in selling your photos online for licensing purposes and/or for framed prints there are great ways to do it.

90% of the work is upfront.

Think of it this way — if you want to sell something out of your grocery store, you first have to stock the shelves.

Here’s how I did it if you want to mimic the process.

Shoot photos you want to sell in large format on a nice professional camera with millons of pixels available to you. This makes a difference when it comes to large format, high resolution printing. For digital (online) licensing or smaller size formats your iPhone can handle it.

  1. Organize your photos so you can easily get to them in one place.
  2. Pick an online fulfillment company who will showcase your photos and handle the fulfillment of any orders.

You could just stop there and this whole thing would work.

However I went one step further and created my own branded website showcasing my selected photos, and then I link those images to the same photos on one of the fulfillment company’s website for them to handle the rest.

So a step 3…Create yourself a branded website that you control.

Let’s get to it.

Step 1:

Using whatever program you prefer, get all the photos that you think are the best…



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