Don’t tolerate Leftist shaming.

Tony Forcucci
5 min readMay 10, 2020
Photo by Piotr Makowski on Unsplash

In life you’ll be faced with an endless series of learning experiences that over time reveal patterns that you’ll learn to instantly recognize and will serve you well in understanding those around you.

There is a tactic used by modern liberal people when they want to get a point across. That tactic is attempting to shame you for thinking independently of what the groupthink of the day is.

You see this all the time now on social media, on TV, and in print.

  • Firstly, the tone of voice from these people is authoritative. They have the facts, not you.
  • Secondly the tone is that you are irresponsible for not paying attention, even thought you may have very well paid attention and then decided for yourself you might not agree with the groupthink.
  • Lastly, their like-minded friends will jump in on social media and try to gang up on you in an attempt to mock your clear ignorance. They’ll laugh among themselves at your expense and self-congratulate themselves for their clear superior state of wokeness.

Then there is Science. The Left has two positions on Science.

  • The first is that…



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