Does President Joe Biden inspire anyone?

Tony Forcucci
2 min readSep 2, 2022
Could the red backlighting be more distopian? Who’s the facist?

You can be the biggest Democrat voter in the world, but does Joe Biden inspire you? As a man? As a President? As anything?

  • Barack Obama inspired millions.
  • Donald Trump inspired millions.
  • Ronald Reagan inspired millions.
  • Bill Clinton inspired millions.

Joe Biden looks and acts like he is mad because nobody has changed his diaper in a while.

Even today you can easily see and find millions of people who will fly a Trump flag, tens of thousands who will show up at a Trump rally anywhere he goes, and millions who are rooting for him to defend every arrow slung his way after 6 years of false allegations, one after another. Fervent Trump supporters are easy to find.

But can you find anyone who actually supports Joe Biden? Anyone?

In a nation of 320 million people, where are those fervent Joe Biden supporters?

Where are they?

Nobody is inspired by this guy. He has become a dementia-ridden damp rag, angry at everything. There is no joy from Joe Biden. He’s like vinegar.

Regardless of your politics, one would hope their President would be inspirational. When Joe Biden was inaugurated he specifically spoke about “uniting the country” and “healing” and being a “President for all Americans”.

Today, in the face of 18 months of monstrous failure after failure, all Joe Biden talks about is those crazy Maga people who are a “threat to our democracy” because “they don’t respect the rule of law”.


Trump supporters are all about supporting the rule of law. That’s Trump’s message after all (the rule of law), whereas the Democrat elites flout the law regularly.

The Press Secretary for Joe Biden claims boldly that “if you don’t agree with the majority you are extreme” and are “semi-facists”.

Huh? This is how you inspire a nation? So now if you don’t agree with Joe Biden you’re an “extreme facist”?

Let’s hope Joe Biden fails in his completely insane vision of America and Americans. He says we’re in a battle for the soul of the nation. That’s the only thing Joe Biden is right about.

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