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I share travel, business, and rational thought life lessons from experiencing the world up close to help you improve your life.

A discussion on a Pandemic, Vaccinations, and factual data on Coronaviruses and Covid-19 should be sober and as unemotionally as you can make it.

But something is up.

We’re being had.

We’re being had by one or more of governments, big pharmaceutical companies, politicians, or globalists with an agenda.

Sometimes when you see things collected all in one spot the picture comes together more clearly.

The USA (and the world) are in a very telling moment right now. There is an over-the-top, abnormal marketing blitz to get a Covid-19 vaccination.

It has reached a point of absurdity, of overkill, and…

I’ve been a fan of Ayn Rand since 1993 when I read Atlas Shrugged. That book change my life and clearly it has also has an affect on millions of others as well.

The absolutely amazing thing about Atlas Shrugged is that no matter what decade you’re in, it reads like it comes straight from today’s headlines — and today more than ever unfortunately.

You might recall the time former President Obama gave his now famous speech wherein he basically openly exposed his belief that the collective is more important than the individual (all but ignoring the fact that successful…

It’s June 2021 and all over America people are obliviously wearing masks over their face and their chins the way they obliviously wear a watch. It’s just there, on their body, and they’re “used to it”. They don’t even remember it’s on in some cases.

But at least your watch serves a purpose.

There are millions of people in the USA who for whatever strange reason blindly follow what Anthony Fauci tells them without stopping for a moment to consider if it even makes sense.

And even when it turns out he is misleading you or is flat out wrong…

Ask anyone that has traveled around the world in any significant capacity what is the true nature of man and the world and they will tell you that below the surface (and often on the surface) it is a rough and tough place. There are hard realities out there. Those who’ve never really left their zip code do not understand this.

Sure there are beautiful destinations and great wonders of the world to visit. Sure there are amazing cultural spots, cuisines, and more. …

When you travel internationally you are exposed to a world of fresh food, juices, delicious meats, mineral water, fresh seafood, real coffee, and home cooked (or close to home cooked) meals even when you eat out.

From Lebanon to Italy to Argentina to Japan the world is full of real flavors the likes of which most Americans will never know.

However, walk into just about any grocery store in the USA and you’ll find 15 aisles of processed food in boxes while somewhere over in the corner of the store will be a produce section that takes up a 1/20th…

The solution to every city and state budget problem is to simply lower taxes. But they won’t do it.

I read the other day that the New York Stock Exchange floated the idea of leaving New York.

Think about that.

I asked myself why in the world would the NYSE leave NYC?

The reason in this case is because legislators in New York (who produce nothing) are looking for new sources of tax revenue to fund their programs because they’re losing tax revenue elsewhere. People and companies are leaving. …

Let me paint you a picture.

For most of the 20th century and into the 21st century manufacturing and finance felt heavy. Things were analog, greasy, clunky, slow, manually driven, and a remnant of the industrial and early tech age in offices with cubicles, copiers, and fax machines.

In the factory nothing was connected, and everything was managed using clip boards and moving parts on a wall board.

In the Finance department everything was run off paper, printers, and spreadsheets.

That has all changed.

Digital Transformation & Finance Transformation.

Things are connected today at a level never before seen in manufacturing, and we’re still only…

At the end of 2020, I decided to completely get off Facebook. I emptied out my profile and stopped using the platform.

It started out nice enough when I first got on the platform in 2007. It was novel and it was a novelty, a place to connect with friends far and near. It was even somewhat useful when traveling to know if any of your friends were nearby.

You will be happier without Facebook stealing minutes from your days (maybe hours for some).

It’s a Useless Time Suck

Then it became nothing but a time suck of people mostly arguing over politics where no opinions are ever changed and bad repetitive advertisements bombard you like spitballs for things Facebook “thinks” you want because you once looked…

If you were to list out the greatest feelings in the world I would hands down put playing in a band in front of a big audience as number one.

The hardest thing in the world is to play music in front of nobody. It’s brutal and every band knows the feeling. But to play in front of a big audience is not only way more fun, it’s also easier.

In fact, the whole process of going onstage is even fun. Preshow backstage is a big hit of anticipation. …

With Big Tech like Google, Twitter, Facebook and others acting like sentient overlords on swaths of individuals around the USA (and beyond) it’s time to take control of your online footprint.

When Google started it was a good idea — a search engine to find things on the then nascent internet. People thought about it as a search engine and used it as one. Then Google morphed into a massive big data business harvesting the personal data of millions of people right down to your location. It hasn’t been “just a search engine” for many years now.

Same with Facebook…

Tony Forcucci

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